cottage life

It has been nice to take a break at home as I prepare for my move the NYC. Canada has always been my home and whenever I come back I feel comfortable surrounded by my childhood friends. One of our favorite activities during the summer is spending weekends up at the cottage. There really is nothing better than hanging around the dock with your friends, blasting country music as the sun sets across the lake. Here are a few pictures we snapped on our last cottage adventure.


I can remember my first day of college like it was yesterday. Walking around SMU’s golden seal in Dallas Hall marking the beginning to the next four unforgettable years of my life. With so many memories it has been sad to say goodbye, but the friendships I have built will stay with me forever. I will never forget Thursday nights at Homebar, drunken Saturday morning boulevards, weekends in New Orleans, late night Greenville Pizza and lazy Sunday afternoons spent on the couch watching Friends and drinking wine. Cheers to the college memories that will last a lifetime and for the next years ahead that will begin a new chapter in my life.