Jean Paul Gaultier

After visiting Jean Paul Gaultier’s exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art in early February, I suddenly discovered myself having a newfound appreciation for the designer. Not so much for his ability to make clothes, but more for his capacity to create art.  Unveiling various pieces from several of his collections throughout the years, his display of garments was different from anything I had ever seen. With talking mannequins and a revolving oval catwalk, every inch of Gaultier’s personality shone through in his display. His ability to take street wear and eclectic everyday materials and convert it into something wearable is incredible. Using everything from rolls of film, hair and ashtrays, Gaultier is able to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. My favorite pieces from the exhibit were his famous conned bra made for Madonna in her Blonde ambition tour and the Odyssey collection that was inspired by the scales and jewels of mermaids and nautical trends with bold strips. Some of the most interesting pieces were Gaultier’s garments made for men that were inspired from women’s clothing. Creating dresses and corsets that uniquely fit the form of a man’s body, Gaultier continues to show his ability to truly create pieces of exquisite art


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