The fashion of self

As Coco Chanel once said, “A girl should be two things: Classy and fabulous”. I believe that whatever your style, it’s important to feel confident in what you’re wearing. I would describe my style has casual, eclectic chic. I am a very outgoing, outspoken girl who likes to have fun and be social but at the same time professional. This easily comes across in my clothing with the many different prints, textures and colors that are displayed. The first thing your eye is directed to are my tight fitted green skinnies. Made from cotton and elastic these pants are perfect for any springtime event. Pairing them with vintage cowboy boots I found at a thrift store in British Columbia, I like to show off my Canadian roots while still paying tribute to my current Southern home in Dallas. I am also wearing a cropped, sheer lace blouse and a white satin blazer that has been thrown over top. The shirt indicates my playful side without giving away too much. Lastly, I am sporting my classic Ray Ban aviators, which have become an everyday staple in my wardrobe.


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