i have always been a fan of cutting up magazines and saving the clippings for later. but pinterest makes this task a hundred times easier. it’s a collection of virtual clippings that you find on the web and collage together on a board. it’s great for finding inspiration and inspiring creative thoughts. i’m still trying to figure out how to link my account to my blog so you all can follow me.. but in the mean time here’s a quick snap shot of my boards, maybe they’ll inspire you to start your own collection.

pumpkin cupcakes

i came across this recipe today while i was browsing through stumbleupon. with halloween right around the corner what better time to make these yummy pumpkin cupcakes! below is a link to the recipe- one look is all it takes! enjoy

pumpkin recipe 

photos courtesy of: jonesdesigncompany

too much beer

tyler and i went downtown intending to tour the steam whistle brewery. turns out it was father’s day and they were fully booked for the next 24 hours. we decided to stay anyway and take advantage of the free samples. best. father’s day. ever.


this is what happens when class becomes overwhelmingly boring. i had just finished watching the movie ratatouille so i guess i had rats on the brain!

pumpkin picking

last week i flew to st.louis for fall break with 2 of my girlfriends. deciding to relive a childhood experience we took a trip down to the farm to go pumpkin picking. after bringing it safely home and carving it up we made a delicious treat from the leftover pumpkin seeds. using melter butter, brown sugar and cinnamon we baked the seeds until golden brown. yum!


first try

just last semester i was accepted into the creative advertising program at school. i chose to apply on a whim and now that i have experienced the classes i couldn’t be happier. it takes a lot of hard work and thick skin to receive criticism but it has also become a creative outlet for me, something i was missing before. here is my first stab at an ad campaign i did for osprey backpacks.

football season

fall is one of my favorite seasons. partly because i like the cooler weather and partly because every other weekend SMU students take to the boulevard to party before a home football game. i snapped a few photos of the annual tradition as a memory of what i’ll be missing out on next year!

adopt a pet

as a journalism minor one of my many passions is writing. i recently wrote a story for my school newspaper about pet adoption in dallas. as i was writing the article i went to a local pet orphanage to get a first hand experience and to meet the animals. below is a link to my story along with a few photos of the adorable pets i got to meet.

link to story


stop motion


i have watched this spot for olympus 100 times and still it continues to fascinate me. this was made using stop motion. the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”, well in this case it was 60,000 pictures!